• Marble Rolling Ball
  • Marble Sphere Fountain
  • Stone Ball Fountain
  • Water Sphere Fountain
  • Rotating Sphere Fountain
  • Rotating Globe Fountains

Brahma Granitech India manufacturing of natural stone water sculpture items like Granite sphere fountains and Stone ring fountains. Our all fountains works on the principal of hydrostatic bearing. Our all water fountain are very unique cause of several tons of stone objects like stone ball fountain (10 cm to 200 cm), floating ring water feature (60 cm to 200cm), rolling cone, spinning globe fountain, rotating marble doll, etc move on thin film of water with very low water pressure.

In our static garden and home decorative stone product like polished stone balls, Granite vessel sink, granite knobs, pulls, marble bathtubs, marble planters, sandstone lamp posts, granite columns, stone bowls, vanity, column, slabs.